Journey to Celebrancy: How I Became Sacred Dove Certified Lifecycle Celebrant®

Reposted from Sacred Dove Celebrant, Judy Thompson

I had an amazing life when I married my husband Dave. We both were married before, so when we met, it just felt right to be together forever. When we got married we both knew we wanted children right away. I was fortunate to be a stay at home mom and loved every minute of it. It’s funny because as my children grew and changed, I never really thought about my future without them.

Then it happened. My youngest was going off to college in another state and I was home… alone. It hit hard, really hard. My identity had changed, my life had changed, our marriage changed; I felt empty.

While the kids were younger I worked as a secretary at my church and experienced many “sacred” ceremonies through years I worked there. Celebrating has always been my niche and I knew I didn’t want to be restricted to how the church was run. Then one day I read an article about being a Life-Cycle Celebrant® through the Celebrant Foundation and Institute. Life-Cycle Celebrants® are trained in the art of ritual and ceremony.

Joy! Here was the answer to allow me to help people celebrate different milestones in one’s life. I remember towards the end of my wedding course the instructor asked, “has anyone thought of a name for their business?” I chimed right in, because with great thought I came up with “Sacred Dove” and here is how Sacred Dove came to life:

“To hold something sacred means valuing something enough to let it change you. “

“The Dove spirit animal is most often associated with love, purity, nurturing, spirituality, and peace. It soothes and quiets our worried or troubled thoughts, enabling us to find renewal in the silence of the mind. It is a sacred messenger, bringing hope in times of trouble.”

Isn’t that why we have celebrations and rituals? Holding space for important moments in one’s life is so important and should not go unnoticed. I love being the “Dove”, holding out the olive branch to my clients and leading them into whatever type of ceremony that is needed at the time. It is a pleasure and great honor to be had. As a celebrant I do way more than just preside over your ceremony; I offer a full-service approach for a truly one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony experience.

It’s been six years now, and each and every client of mine has been special in my heart. This is a joyous privilege and I treat my clients as if they are my family, wanting their ceremony – happy or sad – to be held with great dignity and respect. I love what I do and can take it wherever I go, so don’t be surprised if you ever meet me; I might be hugging a tree or throwing confetti into the wind to honor a sacred moment in time.

Judy Thompson

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