How the Celebrant Foundation and Institute Changed This Yogi’s Life

Penny Allport broke her back in a car accident when she was 18 years old. Over the course of six years, she went through chronic pain, declining health, an eating disorder, and PTSD. All of this led her to a yoga class. It didn’t take long for her to get hooked. After five years of training in yoga and yoga therapy, she opened her first studio. For 13 years of ownership, she always found a way to incorporate rituals and ceremonies into her studio.

Five years ago, she followed an impulse to move ceremonies out of studios and retreats into a larger community, creating Moving Ceremonies. Allport sold her land and retreat. She moved to Victoria, British Colombia, to bring awareness and care into rituals and ceremonies of end of life experiences. She credits this change to the Celebrant Foundation and Institution. Additionally, she offers ceremonies for weddings to help couples make the ceremony the centerpiece of their day.

Below, Allport shares on her experience with Celebrant and how you can get involved.

MindfulStudioMag-How Ceremony Changed This Yogi’s Life

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