Enriching your Yoga Studio with ceremony

By Charlotte Eulette, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, International Director Celebrant Foundation and Institute.

Being a Yoga Studio owner means you are a very important part of your community just as much as your community is an important part of your life. You have established a trusting and in many cases a family-like relationship with your yoga clientele who respect and value you in their lives. Over the years I’m sure that you have had the occasion to be asked by one or more of your clients to be the special, honored person to officiate or preside at their wedding, renewal of vows,  baby’s blessing,  coming-of-age (for themselves or their child), uncoupling/divorce, retirement, recovery, coming out or an end of life celebration/funeral/memorial. This “ask” just doesn’t happen by chance, you have laid the foundation to gain this trust and devotion.  When you’re requested to preside over a ceremony it’s because you have become an important part of your client’s life – congratulations!

Now, think about it…when you were asked by your Yoga client to be their ceremony maker did you declined or accept hesitatingly because you did not feel well prepared? Being your community’s beloved Yoga Studio owner means that your clients are going to want you in their lives as an extension of Yoga, to help them authentically pay tribute, celebrate and acknowledge the important moments and events in their lives via ceremony and ritual. Being their “celebrant” ceremony-maker, is an opportunity to enrich your Yoga practice, strengthen the bonds you have created with your clients and get to know their friends and families too. Best solution: Be prepared to be your Yoga Studio’s ceremony maker.  To be well prepared to co-create a ceremony with and for your honorees,  you may consider becoming a certified life-cycle Celebrant®  or having a local Celebrant in your area assist and guide you.

Summer is when ideas take root. This may be one that rings true for you!  We have classes kicking off the first week of June 2020.  Find out more at the Celebrant Foundation and Institute

The Celebrant Foundation and Institute- celebrating 20 years as the epicenter of global Celebrant Training


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