Navigating Death at a Distance

The Covid 19 Pandemic is changing the landscape of death and dying, and as the virus lingers, it’s becoming clear that it may be changing the experience permanently.

Street Roots ( an award-winning, nonprofit, weekly newspaper focusing on economic, environmental and social justice issues, published and sold in Portland, Oregon took a look at the end of life experience in their article by @JessicaPollard, which included input from certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®Holly Pruett.

In the article, Holly is quoted:

“……making plans around a death, including for an end-of-life celebration, can be soothing for those who are dying and for their survivors.

Pre-packaged responses to death will likely serve people less and less, she said, while flexible and adaptable responses are being utilized during the pandemic.

“The kind of flexibility and adaptations being called for are qualities that will probably serve us in the long run,” she said.

Her key message during the pandemic? It’s never too late to celebrate someone.

You can read the entire article here:

Find out more about @HollyPruett at

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