Original Work: Apples and Honey, by Dina Stander

Apples and Honey

In these days when the earth opens a New Year
An apple spins on the Book of Life
While Fukushima spills death into the sea
And Syria’s children continue to suffer
I will do my part for making things whole
Cast the crumbs of my named misdeeds
Into the currents of conscience and forgiveness
Small offerings from the loaf of accumulated days
Later I will set on the table
A bowl of apples
A knife
A plate with honey poured on
While the roundness of the year
Passes through our endings and beginnings
I will invite family and friends
To rest a while
We will cut wedges from the apples
Dip them in honey
Sink our teeth through
Smooth skin to crisp flesh
And wait for the honey
To mix with the tartness on our tongues
So that for the time being we will know
The world still has sweetness for us to savor.
By: Certified Lifecycle Celebrant® Dina Stander

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