Featured Celebrant Works: Elaine Voci-Resilience Art

Resilience Art: A Grief Coloring Book Using Ritual and Music to Help You Grow is published by Mascot Books.

To order go here: https://mascotbooks.com/mascot-marketplace/buy-books/nonfiction/self-help-diy/resilience-art-grief-coloring-book-using-ritual-music-help-grow/.

“Dr. Elaine Voci’s books aren’t just books. They are emotional experiences and spiritual journeys. Resilience Art provides readers with Elaine’s personal and professional life lessons combined with modern research to inspire and inform them that grief is highly individual, and that resilience is a part of their natural birthright. They are shown how to use the coloring book and incorporate intentional rituals and a selection of their favorite music to help them grow, and to integrate their loss. Locally, Elaine offers Resilience Art Workshops to accompany her unique book, adding value to and for readers beyond the boo”k.
– Erin Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD, PAHM is an author of 13 books, entrepreneur, pharmacist, podcaster, women’s advocate, and preceptor in the Indianapolis, IN area.

“Elaine’s eloquent writing brings her poignant experiences to celebrants and other readers together with meaningful storytelling, ritual, and solid research – all of which inspires us. As we move through and take part in this unique coloring book, a keen sense of awareness and gratitude for life resonates and stays with us. I especially love her beautiful way of encouraging those who grieve to gently trust their own process through the healing power of music and simple rituals. This vibrant and soul-exploring book, her latest work, is truly a gift to have, to hold and to share”. – Charlotte Eulette is the International Director and co-founder of the pre-eminent Celebrant Foundation & Institute, a non-profit international educational organization that prepares people to become certified Life-Cycle Celebrants®.

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